Simple And Safe Solo Exercises For Each Trimester

Jun 30, 2023 | Family Health, Women

Regardless of being a fitness enthusiast before your maternity phase or not-at-all a gym person, working out is necessary for better health during pregnancy. It can be tough to filter through the pregnancy-safe exercise misconceptions and seek evidence-based guidance with contradictory advice from friends, family, and celebrities pushing harmful pregnant exercise routines online.


Exercising during pregnancy has several advantages for both you and the baby. You’ll have a better mood, fewer pregnancy symptoms, and a faster postpartum recovery. Your baby’s heart may be healthier, their BMI will be lower, and the baby’s brain health will improve.


Exercises During Pregnancy For Each Trimester

Pelvic and core work, coordination, and pelvic floor strengthening are important aspects of pregnant workouts. Here are the suggested exercises for each trimester to help you stay strong and active throughout your pregnancy.


First Trimester:

Once your body adapts to a huge transformation, this trimester is generally the most difficult for many expecting mothers. At this point, especially if you don’t live a very active lifestyle, take it easy on yourself and begin slowly.


For example, although attempting jogging or a 10km walk is not a smart idea, heading for a brisk stroll should be no issue. If you’re starting up, try walking briskly for 10-15 minutes, then gradually increase the duration of your walks to 30 minutes. You might also attempt walking, withholding a small dumbbell in both hands to add some mild weight training while you walk.


Here are some other exercises you can try out:

  • Water aerobics (swimming)
  • Yoga\Pilates
  • Low-intensity strength exercise (skip the heavyweights) such as lunges and squats.
  • Pelvic curls and Braces


Second Trimester:

Many expectant mothers begin to feel relaxed and healthier at this point. Morning sickness and weariness are likely to have subsided, giving you the stamina to accomplish more – so take advantage of it!


Jogging is still possible earlier in the second trimester, up to weeks 22-24. Although jogging moderately beyond 24 weeks of pregnancy is safe, it does become more difficult due to the larger belly.


Safe exercises to do throughout your second trimester include:

  • Flexes of the hip flexors and quadriceps
  • Pull-ups on an incline
  • Leg raises while resting on your side
  • Yoga for expectant mothers
  • Taking a brisk stroll while carrying weights
  • Water aerobics


Third Trimester:

You may notice a decline in your ability to accomplish things as your body is ready for labor and your burden grows heavier. You may be unable to move as quickly as you could in the earlier trimester and bending down may feel difficult. With some moderate exercise, now is perfect for improving your flexibility and core strength.


Here are the safe exercises for your third trimester:

  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking
  • Pilates
  • Pelvic floor movements
  • Prenatal yoga


Get Started

Remember, there are dozens of ways to stay fit in pregnancy. If you’re confused about what’s safe, always check with your doctor to see what is safe. Whatever you do, don’t be too tough while working out, and remember to enjoy yourself!